Samba Credit Card Benefits and Options

  • Worldwide recognition

    Your card is now accepted at most establishments worldwide and that list is constantly growing!

  • Cash withdrawal

    You can withdraw instant cash within your cash advance limit from any Samba branch or ATM in Saudi Arabia and at most participating ATMs, banks and financial institutions worldwide.

  • Flexible Payment Options

    Your Samba Credit Card gives you the ability to buy now and pay back only 5% of your monthly outstanding balance.

  • Utility Bill Payment!

    To pay your bills, just login to your SambaOnline account and click on pay SADAD bills or call SambaPhone on 8001242000.

  • Taqseet: First in the Kingdom!

    Get a cash advance or make any purchase on your Samba Credit Card and convert it into extended monthly installments. Pay it back in easy installments from 6 to 36 months at your convenience. Just call SambaPhone on 8001242000 to convert a purchase worth more than SR500 into Taqseet extended installments or request cash and pay back in easy installments. You can also login to your account on SambaOnline and click Cash Taqseet.

  • 0% Taqseet Program

    You can shop for the latest home appliances, electronic gadgets, furniture and other items at a variety of participating stores and pay back in 6 or 12 monthly installments at zero profit. No documents or down payment required - just pay with your Samba credit card!

    To use this facility, just call SambaPhone on 8001242000 two days after you make a purchase at the participating store and convert your purchase to a 0% Taqseet transaction.

    For more information, Click here

  • Samba Dial-A-Draft

    Use your Samba Credit Card to make payments where no other credit cards are accepted such as school fees, home rent and others. Just call SambaPhone on 8001242000 and get a draft issued up to your available credit line.

  • Samba Credit Card Offers

    Take advantage of our ongoing program which lets you enjoy a non-stop stream of exclusive deals and privileges at the finest outlets in the Kingdom and overseas. To check the latest offers, please click here.

  • Supplementary Cards

    Get up to four supplementary cards for family members over 18 years old. You can set the credit limit for each supplementary card, giving you total control. To apply, just call SambaPhone at the number on the back of your card.

  • Low Limit Card

    Samba offers a convenient back-up card that works just like your primary card, but comes with a lower limit that you can set yourself. It's ideal for online purchases or for use in unfamiliar places when you are traveling. To apply for your Low Limit Card, just call SambaPhone at the number on the back of your card.

  • Lost Card Replacement

    In case your card is lost or stolen, report it immediately by calling SambaPhone. You can call 8001242000 inside the Kingdom or +966114797500 if you are outside the Kingdom. You will not be held liable for any fraudulent purchase made on your card after notifying us.

  • Convenient Payment Methods

    You can pay your credit card dues through any of the following methods:

    • Through SambaOnline.
    • Through toll-free just call SambaPhone at the number on the back of your card.
    • At Samba ATMs.
    • At Samba branches.
    • Via a Direct Debit instruction from your Samba bank account.

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