Thamarat savings account
Grows with your aspirations
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Open a Thamarat savings account today
longer savings, with greater returns

Because success is an essential part of the dreams you work relentlessly to achieve, Thamarat savings account gives you the ability to grow your funds in a safe and flexible manner, through quarterly returns that respond to your personal and professional needs.

Features and benefits:

  • Easily open a Thamarat account exclusively on SambaOnline or SambaMobile.
  • Quick and easy process that takes less than a minute.
  • Return percentage applies to accounts with an average balance of 2,000 SAR for no less than 3 months.

Requirements to open Thamarat account:

  • Valid username and password for SambaOnline or Sambamobile.
  • If not registered on SambaOnline or SambaMobile, you can register directly through SambaMobile application or SambaOnline.
  • A valid mobile number with Samba.

The SambaMobile app is available on iOS, and Android through smartphones.

Example for Thamarat Saving Account:

Minimum deposit Amount Maturity in years AER Number of Withdrawals Permitted in the 1st Year Number of Withdrawals Permitted in the 2nd Year
SAR 2000 6 Months and thereafter every quarter Minimum 0.8* SAIBID Rate 2 online transfers 2 online transfers

Note: AER varies based on period of saving. SAIBID Rate is Saudi Arabia Interbank Bid Rate.

*Terms and Conditions apply.