Secure your family and their future
with Samba Credit Shield

Dear Samba Credit Card holder,

Samba Credit Shield is designed to ensure that you are covered should unforeseen circumstances arise, such as in the event of death or permanent total disability.

To subscribe, simply pay 0.49% of your outstanding credit card balance every month!

Program benefits:

  • Shariah compliant.
  • You can subscribe any time.
  • Available for Samba Credit Cardholders.
  • Subscription age between 18-60 years.
  • End of coverage is up to 65 years.
  • Insurance coverage provided by Arabian Shield Insurance Company.

How to avail from the program?

  • In the event of death, submit a claim in writing within 365 days.
  • In the event of permanent disability, submit a claim in writing within 180 days.
  • Official documents are required when submitting a claim.
  • The coverage amount applies only to your total outstanding Credit Card due.
  • To subscribe, please call the SambaPhone number indicated on the back of your card.

Medical Attendant's Report (disability claim)

Claim Form