Al-Khair Islamic SMLI (Islamic Samba Market Linked Investment)

Al-Khair Market Linked Investment offers a safe and Shariah compliant way of investing, with capital protection and links to any of Dow Jones Islamic indices. We are approved by the Shariah board and invest only in indices and companies that are compatible with Shariah law.

In addition, we offer sophisticated foreign exchange/interest rate hedging solutions and high yielding investment structures suitable to our client's objective. We are proud of having a team of experts in hedging and structures who can help you find the best possible solutions on offer.

For further details, please contact our Treasury team on or on the numbers below:

Group Treasurer
Phone: +966-11-476 9635
Fax: +966-11-479 9685
Sales & Distribution Team
Country Head
Phone: +966-11-478 0818
Central & Eastern Region
Phone: +966-11-477 4755
  +966-11-477 4772
Fax: +966-11-477 0608
Western Region
Phone: +966-2-653 0112
Fax: +966-2-651 0317
Toll Free: 800-124-1242
Phone: +44-207-659 8200
Fax: +44-207-355 4416