Your Partner for Online Payments

At Samba, we recognize the importance of having a convenient, secure and reliable way to execute payments electronically for your business. Samba's world-class payables management services offers a comprehensive range of solutions with reliable, secure and straight-through processing capabilities that fully integrate with your systems to provide efficient end-to-end payments processing in any currency.

Payment Solutions

In addition to making payments through online banking for corporate customers we also offer other methods to make payment instructions that are available 24X7.

Accessing other banks through Samba

Samba pioneered the concept of multi-banking, an innovative system that allows you to use Samba as a "hub" for all your payment processing needs even if you have other non-Samba bank accounts anywhere in the world. Many leading companies in the Kingdom count on this state-of-the-art facility to help them achieve high operational efficiency and access real-time information reflecting their total cash position across all their banks around the world.

Collective Payment

Download files in any format you choose through online banking for corporate customers. Samba will execute your instructions including Sarie transfers, Swift transfers, account to account transfers, utility bills payments, transfer with payment instructions, letters of credit, letters of guarantee, shipping guarantees and many more transactions based on the user's limits and authorization.

Easy Integration

Connect your accounting system to Samba's payment processing engine. Samba is capable of connecting seamlessly to any accounting system including most of today's ERPs utilizing XML. With this method, you can enjoy two-way online 24X7 communication with Samba.

Safe and Secure

All transactions are executed using secure encryption technology (128 bytes) and digital certificates to ensure the integrity of the file. Payment files are processed immediately in real-time, with no need for manual intervention. This minimizes errors and delays, and ensures that your payment information is not compromised. Our goal is to help you focus your attention on building your business with the peace of mind that your payment process is being managed in a safe and secure manner.