e-Merchant Services

e-Merchant Services as a part of SambaConnect provides a secure mechanism for buyers to authorize payments and for merchants to accept payments on both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) online purchases.

How e-merchant services work?

If you are a buyer:

  • Browse through a merchant’s website.
  • Look for the item or service you want and add it to the shopping cart.
  • To make the payment, click on ‘Pay through SanbaConnect’.
  • If you are a registered SambaConnect user, you will be prompted to enter your user ID and password. After signing in, you can simply choose the preferred mode of payment and authorize payment.
  • If you are not a registered SambaConnect user, you can still pay through SambaConnect using your credit card. In this case, you will be prompted to enter your card number, expiry date and CVV number.
  • Once the transaction is completed, you will receive a confirmation message from SambaConnect. Once you acknowledge this message, you are then redirected to the merchant’s website.
  • The merchant will also receive a separate message confirming that you have authorised the payment.

Both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) online purchases work in this same way as mentioned above.