Samba Cash Pickup and Delivery Services

Since business in Saudi Arabia is still conducted primarily on cash basis and keeping cash overnight or transporting cash to the bank can carry certain risks, companies need a safer and a more convenient way to handle their cash and make cash deposits.

Samba Cash pickup services

Samba Cash Collection Services is a convenient cash pickup service available for all of Samba's corporate customers. Your company can authorize Samba to collect cash deposits at your various business locations and we will pick them at a pre-arranged schedule depending on your need. The cash pickup service currently covers Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam as well as adjoining areas, and will be extended to more areas soon.

Delivery Services

Samba’s Cash Pickup Service includes armored vehicles and professionally trained security personnel to move your cash. Cash deposit bags from the customers are closed with a security seal at the time of collection accompanied by a deposit slip. After the cash is counted and verified at Samba, the amount is immediately credited to your company's account.