Account Features

1. Cash Management Solutions
Take advantage of Samba's vast Kingdomwide branch network for all your day-to-day depository and disbursement needs. Choose from a wide range of products for all your domestic and international payments and collections. With our award-winning SambaAccess service and its state-of-the-art security features, you can access all your company's bank accounts, make payments, initiate various cash management and trade service transactions — on the spot, in real time, from your office or anywhere else in the world, day or night.

2. Financing Solutions
Timely and adequate financing is one of today's most critical factors for success. We have the resources you need to grow your business including a broad range of short-term and long-term financing products. Now, bridging your financing gaps and capitalizing on market opportunities is as easy as talking to your partners at Samba.

3. Trade Solutions
If you are an importer or exporter, Samba can give you all the tools and know-how to compete and grow in the global marketplace. We offer end-to-end solutions for all your import and export needs including letters of credit, shipping guarantees and bills discounting. As a leading corporate bank and traditional partner of global financial institutions, we also maintain a global network of correspondent banks to help our customers do business internationally.

4. Forex Solutions
Samba services extend beyond competitive foreign currency exchange rates. We can also offer solutions and help you protect your company from the uncertainties and volatility of the foreign exchange market through spot, forward and currency-hedging transactions. In addition, with our extensive global connections, we can help you execute payments or collections in any foreign currency quickly and safely, anywhere in the world.

5. Islamic Solutions
From helping companies grow with the first Murabaha product providing direct cash financing, to structuring some of the largest Islamic financing deals in the Region, Samba remains at the forefront of innovation in Islamic banking. We offer a whole family of innovative, easy-to-use financing, foreign exchange and investment products through SambaCapital, each one uncompromising in their commitment and adherence to Islamic tradition with in-depth evaluation and close monitoring by the Samba Shariah Supervisory Board composed of eminent Islamic scholars.

6. Personal Banking Solutions
Access a vast Kingdomwide network of state-of-the-art branches designed to provide the most ideal banking financial solutions for your employees. Our branches feature dedicated priority banking centers offering elite one-on-one banking privileges for your company's owners and managers. For your staff, we also offer the Kingdom's most preferred credit cards, personal finance products, plus a wealth of other services.