GSM Point of Sales (POS)

Samba is the first bank in the Kingdom and the Middle East to launch the Mobile Point of Sale (GSM POS) collection tool to aid the current market and merchandise collection schemes. The GSM POS is a vital tool available 24/7 for organizations to settle invoices remotely at their convenience. It also provides a secure way of collection for the Merchant. This service can be used for sales delivery transactions in order to reduce Business-to-Business (B2B) and Consumer-to-Business cash payments in all distribution business activities.

Value-added features

  • Reduced cash handling
  • Immediate authorization
  • Immediate credit to merchant account
  • Function as mobile phone supported by headphone
  • Replaces cash-on-delivery
  • Balance inquiry service

GSM POS also offers a 24/7 customer service which includes

  • Updates on technical issues
  • Assistance on connectivity issues
  • Unsettled financial transactions
  • Transactional inquires
  • Machine maintenance
  • Stationery support (printing roll ribbon, marketing material)