Export Services

Samba offers a wide range of products and services to facilitate every exporter's needs. Samba Trade Specialists are committed to deliver great value to our customers with the following services:

Export Letter of Credit Confirmation

A confirmation of an irrevocable letter of credit upon the authorization or request of the issuing bank constitutes a definite undertaking by Samba (the Confirming Bank). This authorization is issued provided that the stipulated documents are presented and that the terms and conditions of the letter of credit are complied with. Such confirmation services offer the required assistance to its customers in order to manage their commercial and transfer risks. Samba provides confirmation for a wide range of countries and credit worthy banks.

Export Documentary Collections

This service is the management of financial and/or commercial documents in accordance with the instructions received in order to obtain payment and/or acceptance or deliver documents against payment and/or against acceptance or deliver documents on other terms and conditions.

Export Letters of Credit (Advising / Negotiating)

Samba's role as an advising bank is to check the authenticity of the letter of credit and recommend it to the beneficiary. It also scrutinises and negotiates export documents, and ensures that amendments and relevant correspondences are promptly advised to the beneficiary.