Employee Payroll Card

With the Samba Payroll Card, you can make payroll checks obsolete. It is a re-loadable debit card that automates the Payroll process, and it includes basic banking services, i.e. receiving the transferred salary to the card account, cash withdrawal, and remittance services through "SpeedCash". It's a cost-effective way to disburse payroll.

  • Safer and easier than cash and checks
  • Reduce paper
  • Minimize check-related fees
  • Improve security

By using state-of-the-art Samba technology, your company can minimize the time and errors experienced through traditional payroll processing. Payments can be disbursed at Samba branches through the SARIE system, predefined SWIFT instructions, by draft or via account-to-account transfers.

It offers the same functionality as direct payroll deposits through the Payroll System and allows your employees to enjoy flexible access to their funds at any Samba ATM without a branch account.

Key Benefits of the Payroll Card:

  • Employees get immediate, convenient access to their funds at any Samba ATM
  • Reduces costs, eliminates the need to store, print, deliver, cash, clear, re-issue, and reconcile paychecks
  • Streamlining operations through automated technology minimizes the time and errors experienced with traditional payroll processing
  • Boost employee productivity. With the Samba Payroll Card, employees won't need to make time-consuming off-site trips to cash checks. Also, they will gain immediate access to their pay