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January 2019


Samba Financial Group Invites its Shareholders to Attend the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting (First Meeting)

Introduction: Samba Financial Group is pleased to invite its shareholders to attend the Ordinary general assembly meeting (first meeting).

City and Location of the general meeting: Prince Sultan Hall, Al Faisaliah Hotel in Riyadh.

Hyperlink of the meeting location:

Date of the general meeting: Sunday 14/05/1440H, corresponding to 20/01/2019G.

Time of the General Meeting: At 6:30 p.m.

Shareholding eligibility to attend general assembly meeting: Every shareholder who is registered in the company's shareholders register at the Securities Depository Center at the end of the trading session prior to the general assembly meeting shall have the right to attend the general assembly meeting as per regulations. The right to attend the meeting expires at the starting time of the Assembly. Likewise, the right to vote on the Assembly agenda expires at the end of the votes counting process.

Required Quorum for holding the assembly: As per Article (27) of the Group’s Articles of Association, The ordinary general assembly meeting is valid if attended by shareholders representing 25% of the capital at least. If the required quorum for holding this meeting is not reached, a second meeting shall be held one hour after the expiry of the period specified for the first meeting. The second meeting shall be considered valid regardless of the number of shares represented therein.

General Assembly Agenda:

1) To vote on the election of the members of the Board of Directors for the next three years tenure, starting on 20/01/2019 and ending on 19/01/2022. (Their CVs are attached).

2) To Vote on the formation of the Audit Committee for the next three years tenure, starting on 20/01/2019 and ending on 19/01/2022, and approve the tasks, work regulations and remunerations of its members (their CVs are attached) who are:

1) Mr. Yazed Al-Humaid.

2) Mr. Ibrahim Alsadah.

3) Mr. Abdul Aziz Alatiqi.

E-Vote: Shareholders who are registered in the electronic trading service website (Tadawulaty) can remotely vote on the items of the general meeting through (electronic voting) service scheduled to take place at 10:00 AM on Wednesday 10/05/1440H corresponding to 16/01/2019, and will continue until 04:00 PM on the day of the Meeting on Sunday 14/05/1440H corresponding to 20/01/2019. Registration and voting on Tadawulaty website services will be available and free of charge to all shareholders through using the following link:

Additional Information: The Shareholder has the right to delegate another person to attend on behalf of himself by a written proxy provided that the delegate neither a board member or a staff nor a permanently assigned for technical or administrative work for him. The proxy letter must be signed and authenticated by Chamber of Commerce in case of institutional shareholders or authorized persons, or it is a company or a legal institution or an authorized Commercial Bank if the shareholder has an account, and notary public or persons authorized in performing notary public. A copy of a power of attorney shall be provided to the Group and shall be sent by Fax: 0114799481 or to Samba Financial Group Head Office located in King Abdulaziz Road, PO Box 833 Riyadh 11421 or to the Board Secretary, noting that a copy of the power of attorney must be received at least two days before the date of the meeting. (Power of attorney form is attached).

Shareholders are kindly requested to come to the meeting well in advance to complete the registration procedures and must bring with him a valid national identity card as well as original proxy Letter (If any) when attending the meeting. For more information, please contact Board Secretary on 011/4774770, Fax: 011/4799481.

Link to the announcement of the Assembly through Saudi Stock Exchange "Tadawul" website