News 2009

April 2009


Al Eisa: Partnerships established with key training firms to improve capabilities of Saudi youth

Within the Framework of its Community Service Initiatives: Samba Launches its 2009 Program for Saudi Youth Training and Development

Samba Financial Group unveiled recently its new Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy focusing on the development of Saudi youth, based on the Group's previous related experience and efforts. The initiative incorporates a series of comprehensive training programs of the highest professional standards aimed at further training university and institute graduates and developing their basic skills to imply job market's requirements and prepare them for employment across different sectors.

Mr. Eisa Al Eisa, Managing Director and CEO of Samba Financial Group confirmed that the adoption of the Saudi Youth Development Program is aligned with the Group's dynamic strategy to undertake social responsibility towards the development of our youth by supporting their professional and academic abilities, in line with leading business standards, we aim to prepare them for employment opportunities that promote their self-fulfillment and personal career development.

Al Eisa further explained that the training courses under this program will be implemented though the Group's Training Center, one of the most advanced in the Kingdom, offering high end qualifications and facilities. The first program will focus on conducting intensive training courses for talented fresh graduates of universities and institutes who aspire to enhance their professional skills. The courses will cover basic skills for self-development, including communications, work organization, creativity, innovation, and the use of IT in the office etc. The second program, amongst others, will be conducted in collaboration with Microsoft Arabia.

"To ensure the highest distinction of the programs, we sought strategic alliances with key business partners and industry players, such as Microsoft Arabia. The entire training program, spanning one year and comprising 12 training courses (each lasting 4 weeks), will focus on developing trainees' professional skills. This will be achieved by adopting the latest training methods and employing highly qualified and experienced trainers engaged by Samba. This will provide a suitable training environment which will boost trainees' confidence and experience as well as prepare them for employment opportunities that match their ambitions", said Al Eisa.

He added: "Samba is eager to provide the best environment and preparation for the program, based on its proven track record, to empower Saudi youth across the Kingdom. We hope to help build a solid national foundation of Saudi youth with distinguished professional and academic skills, based on the highest standards of education".