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Dec 2011


The Banker names Samba "Bank of the Year in Saudi Arabia in 2011"

It has been announced in London, the capital of England, that Samba Financial Group has been voted "Bank of the Year in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2011" following an annual survey by "The Banker" magazine, a Financial Times Limited publication specialized in banking and finance. The survey results, announcing the best performing and most efficient banks, were revealed in a ceremony attended by representatives from the leading banks in the Middle East and around the world. This is the second time Samba has been named the Best Saudi Bank in 2011, boosting its leading position in the Saudi banking sector. Earlier this year, Global Finance magazine voted Samba "Best Bank in Saudi Arabia in 2011" for the sixth consecutive year.

"The Banker" voted for Samba as "Bank of the Year in Saudi Arabia in 2011", as a result of the bank's excellence in meeting the performance evaluation criteria, thus enabling it to post steady growth in its asset base and maintain profit growth, coupled with Samba's continued ability to launch innovative, high quality products and services and their ongoing promotion of competitiveness, which deservedly qualifies the bank to rank top as the best bank in Saudi Arabia this year.

Mr. Eisa Al Eisa, Chairman of Samba Financial Group, expressed his pride at the steady and consistent strides made by the bank, epitomized by the numerous awards and certificates from reputed international rating agencies in recognition of Samba Financial Group's leading reputation and prominent position in the banking industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and wider region.

The Chairman also noted that Samba's award of the "Bank of the Year" in Saudi Arabia in 2011 by a credible and impartial magazine such as "The Banker" after being named "Best Bank in Saudi Arabia in 2011" by "Global Finance" magazine, is a clear indication of the depth and stability of the bank's strategic vision in proceeding with its outstanding performance and achievements that augment its standing. Al Eisa further emphasized that Samba will continue to strive to maintain its performance and professional banking practices in the same manner, which has earned the trust of customers and the recognition and acclaim of the banking and business community.

Samba's accolade of "Bank of the Year" in Saudi Arabia in 2011 by "The Banker" adds to the previous awards received by the bank over the past two years, amounting to around 30 awards in total, in recognition of the bank's excellence and superior performance in various banking and investment segments by numerous specialized, reputable organisations and international research institutions. Most recently, Samba was named "Safest Bank in Saudi Arabia" and one of the safest banks in the world by "Global Finance" magazine, which earlier this year granted the bank four awards in recognition of the supremacy of its online banking services, along with other prestigious awards.