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May 2011


Samba Sponsors the Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference 2011 for the 6th Consecutive Year

Samba Financial Group is sponsoring the Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference 2011 being held in Riyadh in May 17th and 18th with the participation of major figures from public and private sectors, decision makers, businessmen, and with keynote speeches from local and international elite experts.

Mr. Eisa M. Al Eisa, Chairman of Samba Financial Group, commented, "Samba's continued support and sponsorship of this economic event since its very beginning reflects the extent of Samba's efforts to help create an efficient dialogue platform that combines decision-makers and open channels of communication for those who are interested in economic affairs and the financial and banking industry to discuss various current issues, assess the challenges, and identify the future direction of the economy, as the Saudi economy continues to witness new developments and changes that could enhance its position as one of the emerging economies in the world and the largest in the region.

Al Eisa indicated that the agenda of Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference 2011, directly affects banking and financial industry, which today represents one of the leading pillars of the national economy, as a result of its continued success in overcoming the recent challenges witnessed by the global markets. The agenda also reflects the role placed on the industry's shoulders in the next stage of development, set against the growth prospects of the Saudi economy, driven by the wise strategies and long-term policy of the Saudi leadership to diversify sources of income, and place greater reliance on non-oil economic sectors to drive the economic cycle.

Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference 2011, which is one of the leading interactive platforms in the region, reviews a series of fundamental economic issues and current market trends affecting the local and global markets. According to Richard Banks, Director of the Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference 2011, the Conference will highlight the issue of diversification of funding sources, in addition to investigating the impact of global investors on the Saudi economy, as well as the extent of the Kingdom's desire to open its markets. The conference and its participants will explore the legislative changes to be adopted, along with the mechanism to employ foreign capital to promote opportunities amid expectations that the Saudi non-oil sector will play a more vital role in supporting the national economy, following the Government's announcement of its intention to pump $1.3 trillion in non-oil sector over the next five years.