News 2008

Dec 2008


Samba Launches a New "Transaction Confirmation Service via SMS" on Samba Credit Card

Mr. Eisa M. Al Eisa, MD & CEO of Samba Financial Group announces that the Group has launched a new and innovative service for its credit card holders. Irrespective of amount or type of transaction, Cardholders will receive an SMS confirming the transaction made on their card - for the first time in the kingdom. "This service, which complements Samba's position as the dominant leader in the credit card business in the Kingdom, is completely free and enables customers to have superior control of their credit card accounts and equally ensure that their cards are never used without their knowledge" said Al Eisa, and added "Whenever a Samba credit card holder makes any transaction on his credit card, he will receive an SMS message very shortly after the transaction is successfully completed, wherever he is in the world".

"The Transaction Conformation Service has been designed to offer a better control and peace of mind for our valuable customers. This is yet another testimony to Samba's ongoing excellence in innovation and customer centric approach. This service will benefit a wide segment of cardholder in the Kingdom who are holding Samba credit cards including the co-branded cards such as Samba Alfursan, Samba Sony, Samba Mobily and Samba Mamlaka" Al Eisa was quoted as saying.

He then reminded of Samba's precedence in technical innovation and creativity. "Samba was the first bank in the Kingdom to introduce Charge Cards, Debit Cards and Co-branded Credit Cards, Phone Banking (with Live and Automated Voice Response), Mobile Banking service, SambaConnect and SambaAcess corporate services, Cash and Check Deposit Facility at ATMs, and many others" says Al Eisa.

Samba Credit Cardholders always enjoy 24/7 access to Toll Free SambaPhone services (800 124 2000) from all over the world if they wish to call back and discuss any issue related to their credit card account at any time.