News 2008

Nov 2008


Samba Launches the Most Advanced Corporate e-Banking Platform in the Region

Samba Financial Group is organizing orientation seminars on its New Generation version of web enabled electronic banking platform, Samba Access, which is designed to provide state of the art electronic banking solutions for corporate customers. The series of Seminars has started Saturday 24/11/1429H (22/11/2008G) at Al Faisaliya Hotel in Riyadh, and will span all the Kingdom's main regions, Central, Western and Eastern. The attendees from business community - large corporates, multinationals, small and medium (SME) enterprises across current and prospective Samba clients will be provided with an overview of the System, its advantages and the built-in advanced features that will enable the Bank's corporate clients monitor and follow up their account movements and transactions online in the real time, with total flexibility, confidentiality and security.

Samba's Global Transaction Services Division pointed out that the most distinctive advantage of Samba Access is its ability to enable the corporate clients to follow up and initiate a wide range of online transactions ranging from simple payments, predefined beneficiary payments, follow up bank statements, Cheque Book Requests, Letters of Guarantee requests , managing the payroll cards, etc. The System can integrate with the client company's accounting system and provide a variety of electronic tools to perform all bank transactions except handling of cash.

Samba Access platform embeds computing and electronic applications that enable the client to save his banking data easily on his PC through the systems download with flexibility to save the date as per the customer's chosen file format. The system allows the client to perform transactions like transfer between Samba accounts, Stop Payment Request, Payroll Cards control, review deposit dates and times, settlement of e-payments (SADAD), POS Transaction follow up, CC Accounts, etc. In addition, Samba Access has a very powerful search engine and allows information to be managed extremely efficiently, with a high level of customization. The Internet functionality makes access to information truly global.

For the customer to enjoy the highest level of flexibility and convenience, Samba Access provides the customer with services that enable him to manage his account balances at other banks, thus he will be able to manage his accounts throughout the world. This includes account balances and statements, transacting on local and international accounts, Shipping Guarantee Issuance, Letters of Guarantee, Money Transfers (Local, International), FX transactions, as well as other transactions that will enhance the clients' performance and experience to unprecedented levels of accuracy and speed.

On the system's security features, as well as confidentiality and reliability of transacting through the System, Samba Global Transaction Services asserted that Samba Access is the most secure e-banking solution that is totally secured against penetration. It gives the client the required flexibility to define the persons who can access their accounts. Through Samba Access, the client can adopt the signatory authorities used in his company, allowing for more internal control over the clients.

Samba has always been in the forefront of product innovation and is the first bank in the Kingdom to launch its e-banking services to corporate clients in the mid eighties. A web enabled electronic banking platform for corporate customers "Samba Access" was launched online in 2001, making Samba the pioneer in e-banking solutions and enabling the clients to transact conveniently in the real time round the clock. The New Generation version of Samba Access launched is in that direction to provide its corporate customers futuristic capabilities and comfort to transact banking online with utmost ease.