News 2007

July 2007


Al-Musahim Fund and Japan Equity Fund Ranked No. 1
Samba Funds Won 22 Awards from SAMA's Investments Products Committee
Al-Eisa: This Achievement Reflects our Proactive Vision in Medium and Long Term Financial Investments

Samba Investment Funds have crowned their excellence, high performance and international standard by winning 22 awards from SAMA's Investment Products Committee (IPC), which focuses on benchmarking banking products in Saudi Banks.

Mr. Eisa Al Eisa, MD & CEO of Samba Financial Group, commented "we are delighted to win such prizes that emphasize the excellence of our investment approach, ascertain our proactive vision in medium and long run financial investments and culminate the efforts of our investment funds teams. Al Eisa added "we are always keen on providing competent, specialized and experienced staff, make our best endeavors to support them materially and technically, and benchmark them against the best international practices, to ensure high performance of our teams and best ROI for our clients and shareholders".

Samba Al Musahem Fund won the first prize for medium term category (3 years) and long term category (5 years) as it posted a compounded rate of returns of 33% and 35% consecutively. Al Musahem had previously won the prize of "Best Investment Fund" for medium term category (3 years) and long term category (5 years) from Lipper, a global organization that evaluates investment funds and tools in the international markets. In addition, Japan Equity Fund won the best fund award for the short term category (one year) and medium term category (3 years) at a return of 6%, and won also the second position for long term category (5 years) with a return of 12%.

Al Raed and Al Fareed funds have won the second poison for medium term category. Al Raed was evaluated by Lipper as the best performance of an Islamic fund in the local financial market.

"All such results culminate Samba's continuous endeavors to provide its clients with the best investment opportunities worldwide and investment tools that saltisfy the desires of its clients to the highest international banking standards. It is worth motioning that Samba was the first bank to launch many innovative investment products such as Samba Real Estate Fund, Samba Fund for China Opportunities (Izdihar), Samba investments relating to Doe Jones Index of communication sector, as well as other Samba's local, GCC, and international equity funds. We are looking forward to achieving more successes in all fronts of our financial and investment services" Al Eisa was quoted as saying.