News 2007

June 2007


Samba Launches Sambamobile A new Innovative banking Service Enables Clients Perform Several Interactive Services

Mr. Eisa M. Al Eisa, Managing Director and CEO of samba Financial Group, announced that Samba launched its new innovative service, Sambamobile Banking, which will provide customers with a new e-service channel that will enable them perform a bundle of banking services using GPRS technology.

Al Eisa ascertained that Sambamobile is a value added addition to our innovative ebanking services provided by Samba in its endeavors to develop and upgrade banking and financial services in the kingdom, which will provide our customers with a wide array of alternatives with high flexibility, conveniently and safely.

"Sambamobile will enable customers perform an extensive bundle of banking alternatives that are provided in the Kingdom for the first time through the mobile, thus enabling them to transact timely and with high flexibility. Such services include: summary of the customer relationship with samba, the last ten transactions on his account, transfer between and among his accounts, transfer to an account within Samba, transfer to local banks, payment of electricity bills, use of "SADAD" service to pay utility bills, and credit card payment.

The customer will need to register in, if not a member, and then he can access the service with single sign-on, i.e. using his existing username/password" Al Eisa added.

Al Eisa confirmed also that the new Sambamobile service will enjoy a high level of security to ensure curbing any intrusion or tampering, observing confidentiality of information and integrity of the transactions performed by the customer through usage of the industry standard security system to prevent any possible penetration

Samba Financial Group is pioneering the ebanking solutions in the Kingdom. Samba was the first local bank to launch SambaTadawul through the mobile, which enables its customers to trade shares over the mobile in the real time, with high flexibility and interactively. Samba was also the first regional bank to launch the online straight-through processing service for share trading.