News 2007

Dec 2007


For the First Time in the Kingdom through GPRS Samba Launches Direct Mobile Share Trading Service

Samba Financial Group launched its direct mobile share trading service for the first time in the Kingdom, enabling Samba Tadawul clients transact directly through their mobiles and giving them access to several services such as watching the market and executing purchase and sell orders in the real time and with high efficiency.

Mr. Eisa, Samba Managing Director and CEO, said that this service comes within the framework of Samba's continuous efforts to upgrade its services, coupled with its endeavors to boost its clients' ability to follow up their investments in the most optimal flexibility. He recalled that samba was also the first regional bank to launch the straight forward processing for trading online.

"The new service from Samba Tadawul will allow Samba clients to trade in the Shares Market through their mobiles in the real time including execution of sell and purchase orders, market watch, short listing of preferred companies to trade in their shares, and timely management of their investment portfolios from any where in the Kingdom. It will also update our clients on the best demand and supply orders and enable them to review the available shares and liquidity" Al Eisa Says, and indicated that Samba is about to finalize the arrangements to make this service available from anywhere in the globe.

To transact through your mobile, you need to activate the GPRS service from your service provider. Trading may be expedited if your mobile can handle the 3.5G technology. The new mobile trading service is highly secured thanks to a bundle of security measures and procedures that are designed to protect the client's information and transaction security and ensure high protection against penetration.