News 2006

Feb 2006


As a First Initiative of its kind:
"Al-Arabiya" transmits live developments of Saudi stock market from "Samba"

Mr. Eisa Al-Eisa, Samba Managing Director and CEO pointed out that Saudi public can now get live news of the latest developments of the Saudi stock market from Al-Arabiya Channel. Al-Arabiya will transmit a daily live report from "Samba", the first initiative of its kind for providing viewers with stock market news & information. The step, deemed as a fundamental foundation for taking right decisions relating to share circulation, will further enhance the Saudi citizen awareness of investment by supporting him with instantaneous & reliable information.

Based on the agreement, Al-Arabiya as part of its daily coverage of business news, shall broadcast live report on the latest Saudi stock market developments during its morning & evening transmission periods directly from Samba Brokerage Department. Thus, viewers will be able to get latest up to dated information of the market and keep up with the events of the stock market.
"In accordance with the Agreement, which is made keeping interest of the viewer in mind, the viewer can follow latest news and development of the stock market directly from the heart of the event, a step that reveals Samba keen-ness of utilizing all its capabilities for providing world class services to the public", Al-Eisa added.

Al-Eisa concluded that the Agreement also aims at further boosting already existing relation between "Samba" and all the media especially Al-Arabiya Channel. Al-Arabiya is one of the pioneering satellite channels in the Arab World and has managed to acquire record viewership within a short time span by virtue of the quality as average of the important development and information, especially in the field of economic and business news.