News 2006

Feb 2006


Reminder to Samba Financial Group Shareholders

Samba Financial Group would like to remind its shareholders that the Group's Board of Directors has suggested distribution of the profits for the year ending on 31st December 2005. Net profit after deduction of Zakat is SR 14 per share for Saudis.

Net profit will be distributed to those shareholders registered with Samba share ledger as owners as of 8 Safar 1427H corresponding to 8 March 2006. Any one who purchased shares must verify that such purchasing process has been registered with Samba official records as of 8 Safar 1427H corresponding to 8 March 2006. Profits will be distributed on 25 Safar 1427H corresponding to 25 March 2006 following approval by the General Assembly. Profit Cheques will be sent via mail to the address of the shareholders who have mailing address.

Shareholders who don't want to receive profit cheques via mail are required to contact shareholders unit on Tel. No.: (01) 4774770 Ex. 1548 or 1747.

Profit cheques for shareholders who don't have mailing address will be maintained with Shareholder Services Unit in Samba Head Office, Riyadh. These shareholders are advised to contact the said unit or the nearest Samba branch for delivery of the cheques.