News 2006

March 2006


As Manager & Financial Advisor for YANSAB IPO Samba awarded "Deal of The Year" for 2005 for Saudi Arabia

The Banker, a well-known international financial magazine, granted the award "Deal of The Year" to Samba Financial Group for the year 2005 in Saudi Arabia. Samba was selected for the outstanding success of its management of Yanbu Petrochemical Project "YANSAB" after being appointment as financial advisor.

Selecting Samba for such award by a specialist & pioneering magazine "The Banker" comes within the context of various banking activity assessments for the year 2005 that incorporated more than 50 world-wide countries in addition to hundreds of candidates for the said award. Various sophisticated standards were adopted for nominating the award winner.

Mr. Eisa Al-Eisa, Samba's Managing Director & CEO commented on achieving this award the second consecutive year, " Selecting Samba for the award by such an internationally renowned banking media institution reveals Samba's distinguished & remarkable performance & pioneering role within the Saudi banking sector for further supporting the Saudi economic growth pace in general.

This goal will be accomplished by providing facilities & utilizing international expertise for executing the prospected economic visions & meeting customer ambitions & aspirations in accordance with state-of-the art standards".

" By virtue of its constant development plans, Samba managed to post itself as the lead IPO sponsor within the Saudi market, particularly following its outstanding success in managing those enormous IPOs including YANSAB IPO", concluded Al-Eisa.

Samba has successfully managed YANSAB IPO with record-breaking subscribers in the history of Saudi Arabia where half of the Saudi population has subscribed within two weeks. IPO coverage was 288% with subscribers remarkably tending to use alternative electronic channels. This has largely contributed to achieving high flexibility rates and improving IPO environment.