News 2006

April 2006


Following CMA approval of allocation:
Samba: SRMG share allocation finalized

Samba Financial Group announced that share allocation process of SRMG (Saudi Research & Marketing Group) is now completed, with latest statistics showing that nearly 1,67 subscribers have taken part. With record time following subscription closure on Monday 19th Rabia Al-Awwal 1427H corresponding to 17th April 2006, all recipient banks have finalized the settlement & auditing operations, said Samba.

Mr. Eisa Al-Eisa, the managing director & CEO of Samba Financial Group which is acting as IPO manager said "CMA (Capital Market Authority) has approved the allocation process in accordance with the mechanism & standards issued by it, and as per the subscription allocation timetable".

Mr. Al-Eisa expressed comfort over the support by SAMA (Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency) & CMA for the subscription process, distinguished cooperation by all subscription recipient banks and the team-working spirit during the subscription. Al-Eisa has also extended his thanks & gratitude to HRH Prince Faisal Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz, SRMG's Chairman of the Board of Directors for his confident selection of Samba to manage the subscription process.

On Sunday 25th Rabia Al-Awwal 1427H corresponding to 23rd April 2006, recipient banks have returned the subscription surplus to the subscribers in SRMG stocks through their personal accounts with the local banks.

Subscription allocation table

Number of individuals in
subscription request
Number of allocated shares
1 15
2 28
3 43
4 57
5 71
6 86
7 100
8 115
9 129
10 143
11 158
12 172
13 187
14 201
15 215
16 230
17 244
18 259
19 273
20 287