News 2006

April 2006


Following "Global Finance" assessment covering 24 nations in Middle East & Africa:
Samba is named the best bank for 2006 in KSA

The internationally renowned "Global Finance" magazine has announced the findings of its annual evaluation of "the best emerging market bank in the Middle East & Africa in 2006 ". Global Finance, a specialist in worldwide banking & financial affairs has named Samba as "The Best Bank in Saudi Arabia for 2006".

Series of standards & criteria have been taken into account by senior experts in banking industry, CEOs & Consultants in order to analyze & reach the assessment conclusions, adding that such standards comprised growth in assets, profitability, strategic relations, customer service, competitive prices as well as innovative products.

Commenting on the winner announcement in this year, Mr. Joseph D. Giarraputo, Global Finance publisher & president said, " Emerging markets are attracting attention as the global economy expands. We have identified the banks that provide services to corporations seeking to take advantage of substantial opportunities for growth in a sometimes challenging environment". He concluded that the list of candidate banks included the distinguished emerging market banks in the region.

Mr. Eisa Al-Eisa, Samba Managing Director & CEO said the reward stresses Samba's progressive performance, world-wide reputation & highly competitive potentials that placed it on top of all banking & financial sectors. " Samba success in this tough challenge which it has undergone with its local management maintained its record of ever constant achievements", said Al-Eisa.

Mr. Al-Eisa added that such great achievement drives Samba to go ahead with its developmental strategy that posted it a pioneering bank not only locally, but also regionally. Finally, Al-Eisa extended his thanks & gratitude to Samba customers for their confident selection of the Bank as their ideal choice and to Samba employees for their dedication & efforts, the impetus for such great achievements.

Announcement of the winners this year coincides with Global Finance magazine celebration of its 19th year of publishing. Various topics & essays as well as financial, investment & banking features are published by the magazine. Its conducts interviews with companies & banks' CEOs, CFOs, treasurers & financial officers. Global Finance also targets the key portfolio investors worldwide.