News 2006

May 2006


Samba holds "Smart Investment" symposium for its ladies customers
Al-Eisa: Active Saudi ladies participation in the market reinforces investment & boosts economic environment

Samba Financial Group has recently held a symposium on "the Smart Investment in Saudi Stock Market" for its ladies customers at Four Seasons Hotel in Riyadh. Remarkable numbers of ladies attended the symposium, which discussed the fundamental pillars on which businesswomen can rely when taking decisions pertinent to investment in Saudi stock market. The symposium has also tackled factors that led to the high rocketing Saudi stock market rise for the period covering 2005 and early 2006.

Mr. Eisa Al-Eisa, Samba Managing Director & CEO said that the symposium was an expression of Samba care for the interests of its female customers. He said the symposium "Stems from the great role the Saudi woman is playing in support of the national economy and her contribution to the investment & economic development, particularly in the Saudi stock market".

Al-Eisa elaborated that Samba is fully aware of the great impact, which the local stock market variables may have on businesswomen. He said that was the reason driving Samba to take necessary initiatives aimed at supporting its female investors, providing advice that helps them take the right decision to protect their interests and to avoid minimum adverse effects of frequent market turbulences. Finally, Al-Eisa stressed that the Saudi economy is based on a solid ground at all levels by virtue of the prevailing security & political stability which is further enhanced by the rising oil prices.

While addressing the symposium, Mr. Yousef Kassantini, a financial expert, revealed the importance of awareness & intelligence when investing in stock market. He stated the right methodology of investment, ideal distribution proportions of the portfolio, daily information dealers must follow, how to read the trading screen, the strategic & basic analysis and trading at different batches. Mr. Kassantini numerated various reasons leading to the recent correction, the most of which were abrupt & remarkable index rise and investors focus much more on speculation rather than on investment.