News 2006

May 2006


Samba launches an innovative Credit Card campaign in the Saudi Market The remarkable "Samba Sony" drives the Card to new horizons

Samba Financial Group has launched its new marketing campaign of Samba Sony Credit Card. The launching of the card, the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia, culminates the standing cooperation of Samba with the Japanese giant Sony Company that started in 2001. It paves the way for an innovative concept of the joint credit cards between the banks & giant businesses in Saudi Arabia and the world at large.

Samba Sony Credit Card provides its users with various selling privileges. The cardholder will be granted specific points when using the card for payment. Such points are exchanged for products from Sony International. No precondition is set for buying from Sony products in order to have the points, since profit points are calculated on any payment process made through the card.

In addition to the sale privileges provided by Samba credit cards, Samba Sony Card has unique privileges that make it preferable by all sectors.

These privileges include: Public service bill payment, issuing a bank cheque from the card account via telephone, benefiting from the “Installment” program where it is possible to transfer funds & purchases into equally monthly installment within a payment period of up to 36 months for settlement. Other more offerings & discounts are available at large numbers of pioneering shops.

Commenting on Samba Sony credit card marketing campaign, Mr. Eisa Al-Eisa, Samba Managing Director & CEO said the campaign came in the wake of re-introducing the card with extra privileges as a result of its success during the previous years. He said the new card features grant the customer an opportunity to exchange the points collected from buying process for products from Sony shops.

Al-Eisa added that more opportunities are open for the cardholder to get more Sony products when buying any product from Sony shops in order to score more points. The card ensures additional warranty on Sony selected devices purchased via Sony credit card. In addition, the customer will be automatically issued discount & purchase coupons on Sony product when he receives Samba Sony credit card.