News 2006

July 2006


Samba Announces SR 1,070 million as Dividends for the first half of 2006

Mr. Eisa AI-Eisa, the Managing Director & CEO of Samba Financial Group announced that the bank's Board of Directors has sanctioned the distribution of semi-annual dividends at SR 1.70 per share net of Zakat for the 6 months ended on 30.6.2006, after securing approval of the competent authorities. The distributed earnings will total to SR1070 million, and will be posted on 29/07/2006 (4/7/1427) to the shareholders accounts who are listed in the bank's registers as at 12/7/2006.

"We are extremely grateful to our shareholders for their loyalty and trust, and we are delighted to distribute such record-breaking dividends, which are the highest ever by Samba." Said Al-Eisa.

He commended the bank's strategic plans which reflect on its balance sheet and net income growth. "We have launched a number of successful innovative initiatives and are confident that our franchise will continue to grow and build further momentum across all its businesses. As always our objective, we will play a dominant and responsible role in the financial services industry in the Kingdom and endeavor to deliver sustainable quality earnings and shareholder value", Al-Eisa was quoted as saying.