Credit Cards

Samba offers the widest choice of credit cards to suit every lifestyle and spending need.

There's a Samba Credit Card for every possible need. Whether you are looking for a simple payment card, a card that rewards you, a card specially designed for ladies or a card that brings you the ultimate in recognition around the world - each provided with complimentary cards for your loved ones and for online use, packed with innovative world class benefits.

Samba Credit Cards also come with an embedded state-of-the-art chip and provide SMS alerts for every transaction, giving you total control and unmatched peace of mind - all backed by 24/7 service accessible from anywhere in the world.

Shop, entertain, celebrate, travel, issue a draft and charge it to your card for expenses like rent or school fees, credit cash to your account from your card, or conveniently spread a card purchase or cash withdrawal into extended "Taqseet" installments - the possibilities are endless.

Indeed, Samba Credit Cards are… the best way to pay.

Samba Credit Cards

Super-Premium Cards

Samba Visa Infinite and Samba World MasterCard Credit Cards represent the ultimate in spending power and privilege. They are the most prestigious cards you can own, invoking instant recognition of your status. They come with extraordinary privileges and limitless rewards that follow you anywhere in the world.

Infinite Card

Samba Infinite Credit Card

Enjoy Infinite Privileges! The Samba Infinite Credit Card is available by invitation only, and comes with exclusive offers on everything from VIP travel to high quality goods and services across the globe.

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World Credit Card

Samba World Credit Card

Designed to make life's priceless experiences more rewarding, the Samba World Credit Card comes with superior spending power and elite privileges which are simply beyond equal.

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Premium Cards

Samba Signature Alkhair Credit Card

Samba Signature Alkhair Credit Card

Exceptional individuals deserve exceptional privileges. Now, Samba introduces an exclusive card for them, The Samba Signature Alkhair Credit Card, for the first time in the Kingdom. A card that reflects your influence, your drive, your success, and the power you wield with a single stroke of your pen. Wherever in the world your journey takes you. Now there's a card that truly reflects the distinctive attention you deserve.

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Get the instant recognition you deserve anywhere you go with Samba platinum and Samba Al-khair business cards. They are packed with exceptional features that make them an ideal companion anywhere in the world.

Platinum Credit Card

Samba Platinum Credit Card

The Samba Platinum Credit Card is the ultimate symbol of privilege. It provides a host of exclusive services, conveniences and advantages specially designed to complement your lifestyle.

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Samba Samba Business Al-Khair Card

Samba Business AlKhair Credit Card

The Samba Business AlKhair Credit Card is specially designed for business owners. It is packed with superior benefits and privileges to help you stay on top of your expenses.

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Reward Cards

Co-branded reward cards uniquely earn points as you shop, points which you can redeem for rewards matching your lifestyle such as free Sony products, free flights on Saudi Arabian Airlines, free Mobily minutes, free shopping at AlMamlaka, free shopping at Jarir Bookstore and Panda supermarket, and other rewards. Just choose the Samba reward card that suits your lifestyle best!

Sony Card

Samba Sony Credit Card

Use your Samba Sony Credit Card for your everyday shopping and collect points to enjoy free shopping at Sony Outlets.

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Samba Al-Mamlaka Credit Card

Samba AlMamlaka Credit Card

Shop and use your Samba Al Mamlka Credit Card and earn reward points that can be exchanged for free or discounted shopping at your favorite stores at Al Mamlaka Mall, Riyadh.

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Samba Al-Fursan Credit Card

Samba AlFursan AlKhair Credit Card

The Samba AlFursan AlKhair Credit Card is a Shariah approved co-branded credit card that earns free AlFursan miles on Saudi Arabian Airlines as you shop which can be re-deemed for free air tickets on Saudi Arabian Airlines.

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Samba Mobily Al-Khair Credit Card

Samba Mobily Credit Card

The Samba Mobily Credit Card is the first Islamic co-branded credit card that now earns higher Neqaty points as you shop. Neqaty is Mobily's generous loyalty program, where you can redeem these Neqaty points for free voice, SMS and Mobily Bill Discount and free credits. The points also help you redeem for rewards from renowned Mobily partners across the nation.

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Samba Jarir Credit Card

Samba Jarir AlKhair Credit Card

The Samba Jarir AlKhair Credit Card is a Shariah approved co-branded credit card that comes with all the superior benefits of Samba Credit Cards and earns points that can be used against purchases at Jarir Bookstores.

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Samba Panda Al-Khair Credit Card

Samba Panda AlKhair Credit Card

The Samba Panda AlKhair Credit Card is the first Shariah approved co-branded credit card that comes with all the superior benefits of Samba Credit Cards and earns points that can be used against purchases at Panda or HyperPanda stores.

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Classic Cards

Samba Credit Cards are available in both Visa and MasterCard versions, in Silver and Gold, depending on your income and spending needs. You can request supplementary cards for your closest relatives and a convenient Low Limit Card for online purchases.

Silver Credit Card

Samba Silver Credit Card

The Samba Silver Credit Card is the key to provide you and your family superior world class services. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy a well-tailored package of exclusive services that entitles you to obtain what you desire, anywhere in the world.

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Gold Credit Card

Samba Gold Credit Card

The Samba Gold Credit Card provides a comprehensive suite of privileges designed to let you and your family live to the fullest every single day, anywhere in the world.

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Al-Khair Card

Samba AlKhair Credit Card

Pay for your purchases and withdraw cash anywhere in the world and pay it back in a Shariah-compliant way with the Samba AlKhair Credit Card.

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Al-Khair Ladies Card

Samba Ladies AlKhair Credit Card

Join the privileged clique and enjoy all the unique benefits and rewards of the Samba Ladies AlKhair Credit Card.

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